Breaking! Adah Sharma Says, “The proofs will soon be made public!”

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26th May 2023, Mumbai: The Kerala Story, starring Adah Sharma, is not only grossing respectable sums at the box office; it is also leaving a lasting impression on all of the viewers. The movie has been involved in a variety of issues ever since its trailer debuted, but the box office results speak for themselves. She recently spoke openly about the concerns regarding the film’s veracity.

Adah Sharma said, “The factual evidence that they have about the number is going to be put out shortly. They did not want to do it before. Also because when you do it before then people will say ‘Oh now you are doing propaganda to promote this movie’. Now this movie has broken all records, and crossed everything, despite it having faced criticism. Despite people saying it’s propaganda.”

“First people said it’s elections. Then 2 weeks got over, the third week did better, all of that happened so then people said there is propaganda. Then they saw real girls come there, so then they said ‘oh maybe it is fake numbers’,” Adah concluded.

Then, talking about the fake numbers, Adah Sharma revealed, “I found that really upsetting in the beginning. It really shook me because I was like human lives we are talking about. In the beginning, I used to get so hyper that human life is so cheap that we can just put it in numbers because it is not just one person that is our person in that statistic. As soon as it is your sister, your mother, your girlfriend, or your friend in that statistic then I don’t think people will talk about 3 or 32. That’s why we had that conference where we had those girls come and tell their stories.”

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