Controversy ALERT! Made In Heaven Season 2: Makers Address Allegations, Assert Authenticity in Narrative

Director Neeraj Ghaywan and Team Respond to Claims of Uncredited Inspiration, Affirm Commitment to Genuine Storytelling

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  • Allegations of uncredited inspiration from Yashica Dutt's life in Made In Heaven Season 2
  • The Made in Heaven Season 2 Team vehemently denies the allegations
  • The character Pallavi Menke is affirmed to be entirely fictional

18 August 2023, Mumbai: The controversy surrounding Made In Heaven Season 2 and its alleged use of Yashica Dutt’s life and work without proper credit has prompted director Neeraj Ghaywan and the team to respond with a statement clarifying their stance. Yashica Dutt had claimed that an episode featuring Radhika Apte’s character was inspired by her life, but the makers have vehemently denied these claims.

The Made in Heaven Season 2 Team vehemently denies the allegations

In their statement, the team expressed their deep concern over the misleading reports and comments circulating regarding Yashica Dutt’s allegations. They clarified that the show, which revolves around wedding planners and unique brides challenging societal prejudices, does not derive any formal credit from her supposed “contribution.”

Pallavi Menke’s Character is entirely fictional.

Addressing the character played by Radhika Apte in Episode 5 titled “The Heart Skips A Beat,” the statement emphasized that this character, Pallavi Menke, is entirely fictional. The creators firmly stated that neither the character nor the episode draws from Yashica Dutt’s life or her book “Coming Out As Dalit.” They unequivocally denied any appropriation of her life or work.

Pallavi Menke’s fictional book, “Denied,” is a tribute to several influential works

Regarding the inclusion of narrative elements such as Pallavi Menke’s grandmother’s backstory and her experience with cleaning toilets, the statement clarified that these were integrated based on common historical threads found in research about the community. The character Pallavi Menke’s fictional book, “Denied,” is a tribute to several influential works, including those by Sujatha Gidla, Suraj Yengde, and Yashica Dutt, which have brought to light issues of caste-based discrimination.

That “episode’ in question explores the story of Pallavi Menke

The creators expressed their deep respect for these authors and their contributions to raising awareness about such critical topics. They highlighted their commitment to genuine storytelling and their dedication to platforming narratives that transcend their own creative endeavors. The episode in question explores the story of Pallavi Menke, an Ivy League lawyer and author, who advocates for her caste identity and an inter-caste marriage. Her desire for a Dalit-Buddhist wedding to challenge societal norms is central to the episode’s narrative.

The response from the Made In Heaven team reaffirms their commitment to authentic storytelling and acknowledges the influence of these important authors in shedding light on caste-based discrimination. It’s evident that the creators have approached the subject matter with sensitivity and respect for the larger discourse around these issues.

By Yashika Desai

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