On the Vijay 69 set, Anupam Kher was injured. Neena Gupta questioned, “Oh, what have you done?”

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22nd May 2023,Mumbai: Anupam Kher experienced injuries a few days after launching his upcoming movie Vijay 69. He discussed Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan as well as the response from his mother.

Anupam Kher, an actor, was hurt while filming his forthcoming movie Vijay 69. Anupam posted a photo of himself wearing a sling on Instagram on Monday morning. The actor grinned as he posed for pictures clutching a ball while wearing a black and white shirt and pair of trousers.

Anupam revealed that his agony lessened a little when the person applying the sling to him claimed that he has done it for actors Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan. The actor further disclosed that his mother Dulaari claimed he was a prey of the evil eye.

“Aap sports film karo aur aap ghaayal na ho!” Anupam wrote as the caption for the photo. How do you spell that? You act in a sports movie without being hurt! Kal #vijay69 ki filming ke dauran kandhe mein achi khaasi choth lagi How is this even conceivable? Vijay 69 was shot yesterday, and a major shoulder injury resulted.”

“Dard to hai par jab kandhe par sling lagaane vaale bhaiya ne bataaya ki unhone hi @iamsrk aur @hrithikroshan ke kandhon ko is sling se sajaaya tha to pata nahin kyon dard ka ehasaas thoda kam ho gaya”

“Par waese agar thoda zor se khaansun toh muh se halki si cheekh zaroor nikalti hai,” Anupam continued. “Genuineness of the photo is shown! A small scream will undoubtedly come out of my mouth if I cough a bit forcefully, though. Ek do dinon baad shot jaari rahegi. The smile in the picture seems sincere. After a few days, the shooting will resume.”

“Waese maa ne suna to boli, ‘Aur dikha apni body duniya ko,” the actor continued. Nazar lag gayi, Tujhe! ‘Maa! Maine jawaab diya! Shahasvaar Girte Hai Maidaan E Jang Mein”

“Jo ghutno ke bal chale! Vo tiphal kya girega! When my mother heard that, she exclaimed, “Show your body to the world!”) Maa jhaapad maarte maarte rukh gayi You were a victim of the evil eye! I responded, “Mom,” In the midst of battle, only the fighters perish. How will those who walk on their knees fall? Mom paused before striking me).”

The hashtags “hairline fracture,” “I’m fine,” and “Dulari rocks” were also added by Anupam. Neena Gupta reacted to the image by asking, “Oh what have you done?” “That is what happens to brilliant artists like you and me”, Anupam retorted. “Mild wounds.”

Anupam launched his upcoming movie Vijay 69 earlier this month. The movie tells the story of a sexagenarian man (Anupam), who, at the age of 69, chooses to take part in a triathlon. Akshay Roy will helm the motion picture Vijay 69.

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