Priya Malik reveals her plans to celebrate her birthday in a satvik environment and discusses her desire to become a mother in the future.

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Actress turned poet, Priya Malik turns a year older on January 9 and she has already made plans to celebrate her special day. The teacher, actor, host and writer plans to visit Gujarat and spend some time in the wild.

“My birthday plans for this year include going to the Sasan Gir forest. I am staying at a lovely property called “Woods At Sasan” which is all about sustainability and has the same aesthetics and principles that I abide by— eating satvik food, going for a long walk, going for the ayurvedic massages and indulging in holistic well-being practices, being amidst nature. So, that’s how I want to usher in my birthday this year,” she shares.

Priya’s wishes and prayers for this year will be able to strike a balance between her personal and professional lives. She reveals her plans of embracing motherhood in coming times.

“I want to prioritise wealth but also health this year and that is the reason that I am spending my birthday in natural satvik surroundings. I believe it is a great way for me to get in touch with myself and get in touch with nature,” she continues, “I want to give myself the gift of health and well-being. I think it is so important for me to focus on that. In the next couple of years I want to become a mother. So, I want to start prepping for that already by first getting my fitness levels back on track by taking less stress, exercising and spending more time with nature, slowing down and meditating.”

Talking about her fondest birthday memories, she shares that those are the ones from her childhood days. The poet sounds emotional remembering those good old days.

 “My mom used to organise the best birthday parties. Jo 90’s k bachho ki typical birthday parties hoti thi, samosa, chaat, chai, pastries and all my friends used to come over. I would always wear a new frock and  cut a pineapple cake I think there was so much beauty in that simplicity. I miss those birthdays when the entire friends and family used to come together and just be happy with whatever little we had,” Priya takes a quick walk down the memory lane and quips a memorable line from her poem “Isiliye main 2023 main bhi 1999 dhoond rahi hoon”

Age is just a number. Ask Priya about take on the same, and she replies, “I completely  believe that age is just a number. I started my career as a poet so late in life, like I was almost 30 when I started doing poetry. So, I believe it’s never too late to start what you want to do. I still feel that there are so many things for me to do, so many things for me to accomplish, whether in my life or professional sphere. I am looking forward to what this year has in store for me (smiles).”

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