Ankita Lokhande done with Vicky Jain? Bigg Boss 17 Promo Reveals something shocking!

In a Recent Bigg Boss Promo, Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain's Relationship in trouble

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Vicky Jain and Ankita Lokhande are making headlines again, and their relationship appears to be on the rocks. Their heated arguments on the show have been on the rise, and now it seems like things are taking a serious turn. Bigg Boss fans have been talking about Ankita and Vicky’s fights since the show began.People are wondering if this latest spat might turn our to be the end of their relationship.

Ankita Vicky’s recent Fight

The tension between Ankita and Vicky escalated during the family week when Ankita and Vicky’s mothers made an appearance on the show. During Vicky’s mother’s complaint, Ankita was accused of beating her son and even accused of kicking him once. Vicky’s father called Ankita’s mother to inquire whether Ankita had ever been violent towards her husband before This allegation deeply hurt Ankita, who was left to deal with the emotional aftermath.

 Vicky Jain slammed by Karan Johar for not taking Ankita Lokhande’s Side

 Karan Johar questioned Vicky about why he hadn’t comforted Ankita or asked her about the incident with his mother, during the weekend show.They seem to have problems beyond the Bigg Boss house as well. After Ankita revealed this conversation to Vicky, instead of being understanding, he defended his family and claimed he looked bad despite doing a lot for Ankita’s family. This only added fuel to the fire, and it appears now that their relationship is on rocky ground.

Ankita and Vicky’s troublesome marriage

Things look like they are taking another ugly turn according to the lastest episode. A promo for the latest episode has been released, showing Ankita asking Vicky to clean up his plates. In a defiant tone, Vicky eminds Ankita that she’s not the captain of the house anymore and can’t give any orders. This sparked a heated argument between the two. Ankita also questioned Vicky about his attitude, and he responded by accusing her of portraying him in a negative light in front of everyone. The argument exagerated with Vicky angrily cleaning utensils while Ankita expresses her frustration. As a result of her exasperation, Ankita declared that she is leaving Vicky’s life forever.

Ankita and Vicky’s  relationship mess

Many Fans of Bigg Boss are speculating whether this might be the end of Ankita and Vicky’s relationship. The painful route they’re going through is not only confined to the Bigg Boss house but it has also moved beyond the show. Ankita and Vicky’s relationship is definitely facing some serious hindrance, and the challenges in the Bigg Boss house is only making things more complicated for them.  

By: Gursharan Kaur

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