New Girl in Anupamaa: Will the Imlie Actress Take Over as Pakhi in Rupali Ganguly’s Show?

Drama Unfolds as Anupamaa’s Pakhi Says Goodbye, Welcomes a New Face

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24th December 2023,Mumbai: The popular Indian television drama, Anupamaa, has taken a bold leap of 5 years, bringing about significant changes in the lives of its characters. Among these changes, the separation of Anupamaa and Anuj (played by Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna) has stirred emotions and raised eyebrows. Anuj’s accusation of Anupamaa being a bad mother becomes the catalyst for a major plot twist, leading Anupamaa to leave her home and embark on a journey abroad, fulfilling her dream of going to America.

Farewell to Familiar Faces: Muskan Bamne Bids Adieu

As the storyline evolves, it’s not just the characters facing transitions; some cast members bid farewell to the show. Muskan Bamne, who portrayed Pakhi, Anupamaa’s daughter, for three years, has decided to call it quits. Her departure is not without reason. Muskan chose not to age on-screen, declining the opportunity to play a role involving a pregnancy track through IVF. At the age of 24, she prioritized her career and the potential impact on her professional trajectory, leading to her exit from Anupamaa.

Chandhini Bhagwanani: A New Face for Pakhi

With Muskan Bamne’s departure, speculations arose about who would step into the shoes of Pakhi in Anupamaa. The latest buzz reveals that Chandhini Bhagwanani, known for her role as Pallavi Thakur in the popular TV show Imlie, will be taking on the character of Pakhi. Chandhini’s inclusion brings anticipation and curiosity, given her previous portrayals on the small screen, and fans are eager to witness her interpretation of Pakhi in the Gaurav Khanna starrer.

From Imlie to Anupamaa: Chandhini Bhagwanani’s Journey

Chandhini Bhagwanani, recognized for her acting prowess in Imlie, steps into the shoes of Pakhi, bringing a fresh perspective to the character. Having last been seen in Dangal TV’s Sindoor Ki Keemat as Bitti, Chandhini’s versatility promises to add new dimensions to Pakhi’s character in Anupamaa. As the show embraces this change, viewers anticipate the seamless integration of Chandhini into the established dynamics of Anupamaa’s narrative.

The Complexity of Muskan Bamne’s Character: Pakhi’s Shades of Grey

Muskan Bamne’s portrayal of Pakhi was not without its challenges. The character, with its grey shades, often engaged in actions that stirred emotions and controversy. In her immaturity, Pakhi hurt Anupamaa and expressed sentiments that did not sit well with the audience. Muskan faced criticism on social media for her character’s actions, prompting her to remind netizens that she was merely playing a role and was not reflective of Pakhi in real life.

Responding to Trolls: Muskan Bamne’s Stand Against Cyberbullying

The online realm can be unforgiving, and Muskan Bamne experienced the brunt of it when trolls targeted her for Pakhi’s actions. In response, she urged netizens to distinguish between fiction and reality, emphasizing that her on-screen character should not be conflated with her real-life persona. Unable to bear the personal attacks silently, Muskan decided to speak out against the trolls, highlighting the importance of separating an actor from the roles they play.

Winds of Change in Anupamaa’s World

As Anupamaa embraces a new chapter with a leap in time, the departures and arrivals of cast members mark a turning point in the show’s narrative. Muskan Bamne’s departure and Chandhini Bhagwanani’s entry add layers of intrigue, promising viewers a fresh perspective on the beloved characters. As the storyline unfolds, the audience awaits the dynamics that Chandhini will bring to the character of Pakhi, breathing new life into Anupamaa’s ever-evolving world.

-By Kashvi Gala

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