Salman Khan Expected to Criticize Munawar Faruqui and Others on Bigg Boss 17!

Kitchen clashes, jealousy sparks, and rule breaks – Salman to address it all in the latest episode!

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16th December 2023,Mumbai: The buzz surrounding Bigg Boss season 17 has reached new heights as host Salman Khan gears up to school some contestants this week. Last week, he didn’t hold back in slamming the participants for their questionable behavior, and this time, a fresh set of controversies is set to take center stage.

Ankita Lokhande’s Kitchen Clash: Tensions Rise with Khanzaadi and Vicky Jain

Ankita Lokhande, engrossed in preparing food in the kitchen, found herself in a heated exchange with Khanzaadi and Vicky Jain. The disagreement erupted when Khanzaadi suggested taking charge of the cooking duties. Even Vicky advised Ankita to let Khanzaadi handle the kitchen, leading to Ankita losing her composure and confronting both of them. Salman Khan is expected to address this kitchen clash and shed light on the brewing tensions.

Isha Malviya’s Jealousy Unleashed: Samarth Jurel and Mannara Chopra’s Bond

Isha Malviya, witnessing a blossoming friendship between her boyfriend, Samarth Jurel, and Mannara Chopra, couldn’t contain her jealousy. Instead of expressing her concerns to Samarth, she confided in Ankita about her feelings. Salman Khan, acknowledging Samarth’s handling of the situation, may use this opportunity to discuss jealousy and relationships within the Bigg Boss house.

Munawar Faruqui’s Confrontation: Ankita Lokhande’s Rule Break

Munawar Faruqui found himself in the midst of controversy when an audio clip revealed Ankita Lokhande seeking information on the show’s strongest contender, violating a Bigg Boss 17 rule. Munawar lost his temper, urging Bigg Boss to cancel Ankita’s special services. The housemates took a stand by casting their votes. Salman Khan is likely to reprimand Ankita for breaking the rules and causing a stir among the contestants.

Abhishek Kumar’s Heartache: Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel’s Closeness

In a candid conversation with Ankita Lokhande, Abhishek Kumar poured his heart out about the discomfort he feels witnessing his ex-girlfriend, Isha Malviya, growing close to Samarth Jurel. Salman Khan might delve into the complexities of relationships within the Bigg Boss house, shedding light on the emotional toll it takes on the contestants.

Isha Malviya’s Past Haunts Again: A Potential Lecture from Salman Khan

Isha Malviya revisited her past, discussing her tumultuous relationship with Abhishek Kumar and the treatment she endured. Salman Khan, who has previously advised Abhishek to let go and move forward, might have a stern conversation with Isha about bringing up the past. This could be an opportunity for Salman to emphasize the importance of personal growth and resilience within the intense environment of the Bigg Boss house.

As the drama unfolds in Bigg Boss 17, Salman Khan’s role as the disciplinarian and mentor becomes more crucial than ever. The contestants are in for a reality check as they navigate through the challenges of relationships, rule-breaking, and emotional turmoil under the watchful eye of the charismatic host.

-by Kashvi Gala

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