Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Star Vrushika Mehta’s Wedding: Did She Tie the Knot Twice with Boyfriend Saurabh?

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11th December 2023,Mumbai: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai and Dil Dosti Dance fame actress Vrushika Mehta recently tied the knot with her boyfriend, Saurabh Ghedia. The wedding pictures, capturing every moment of their special day, have taken social media by storm. From the couple’s radiant looks to the enchanting décor, there’s something extraordinary about Vrushika’s wedding that has everyone talking.

Two Wedding Attires: Double the Celebration or Picture-Perfect Moments?

In the wedding video shared on social media, Vrushika and Saurabh can be seen donning two different wedding attires. Speculations arise whether the couple had two separate wedding ceremonies or if the second attire was solely for capturing picturesque moments. While images of Vrushika in a light-colored lehenga are circulating, the one where she graces a beautiful red lehenga remains elusive. Let’s unravel the mystery behind this dual celebration by watching the video.

Vrushika Mehta and Saurabh Ghedia’s Love Story Unveiled

Vrushika Mehta, renowned for her role in Dil Dosti Dance, had always dreamt of a fairy tale wedding. The glimpses from the wedding ceremony suggest that her dream has indeed come true. The couple got engaged a year ago, as revealed by Vrushika on December 11, 2022, through her social media account. The nature of their union, whether a result of love or an arranged match, remains undisclosed. Saurabh, a software engineer based in Toronto, Canada, adds an interesting dimension to this love story. The burning question now is whether Vrushika will follow in the footsteps of her Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata co-star Mohina Kumari, who moved to Canada after marriage, or will she balance her career between two countries?

The Crossroads: Showbiz or Canada? Vrushika’s Dilemma

As a well-known television actress, Vrushika has left fans wondering about her future plans post-marriage. Will she bid adieu to showbiz and embrace a life in Canada with Saurabh, or will she manage a delicate balance between the two worlds? This decision may echo the choices made by other actresses in the industry, and fans eagerly await Vrushika’s announcement regarding her post-marriage career path.

Beyond the Screen: Vrushika’s Passion for Dance and Madhuri Dixit

Apart from her acting prowess, Vrushika is celebrated for her dance videos, regularly shared on her Instagram handle. A devoted fan of Madhuri Dixit, she has expressed her love for dancing, admitting she never underwent professional training. Despite the lack of formal training, Vrushika has always managed to impress with her dance skills. This multifaceted talent adds an extra layer of intrigue to the actress, showcasing her versatility beyond the television screen.

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