Puthandu:The Tamil Unused Year Celebrations in 2024

Puthandu is a time for recharging, family social occasions, and devout observances for Tamil

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Puthandu, moreover known as Tamil Modern Year, may be a merry event celebrated by Tamil communities around the world. In 2024, Puthandu falls on April 14th, checking the starting of the Tamil sun powered calendar. As the Tamil community plans for the celebrations, let’s investigate the noteworthiness, conventions, and modern-day celebrations of Puthandu.

Significance of Puthandu

Puthandu could be a time for recharging, family social occasions, and devout observances. The day is celebrated as the primary day of the Tamil month of Chithirai, which is considered the starting of the Tamil year. The celebration means the entry of spring and the success of the collect season. It is accepted that great deeds performed on Puthandu bring great fortune for the rest of the year.

Conventional Hones

On Puthandu, Tamil households lock in in different conventional hones that have been passed down through eras. Here are a few of the foremost critical traditions:

1. Planning the Kanni – The Kanni, or the plate of success, may be a conventional course of action of things that symbolize riches, wellbeing, and bliss. It ordinarily incorporates gold, silver, natural products, vegetables, blossoms, and betel clears out. The Kanni is set within the puja room and is seen by family individuals upon waking up to bring great luckiness for the year ahead.

2. Going by Sanctuaries – Tamil families visit sanctuaries to offer supplications and look for endowments for the modern year. The Meenakshi Amman Sanctuary in Madurai and the Kapaleeshwarar Sanctuary in Chennai are prevalent goals for lovers.

3. Feasting- Puthandu could be a time for liberality in conventional Tamil dishes. The devour ordinarily incorporates things such as Pongal, Vadai, Payasam, and other vegetarian dishes.

4. Wearing Unused Dress – Puthandu may be a time for unused beginnings, and wearing modern dress may be a image of this. Conventional Tamil clothing, such as the veshti for men and the saree for ladies, is regularly worn amid the celebrations.

Modern-Day Celebrations

In present day times, Puthandu celebrations have evolved to incorporate different social and amusement exercises. Here are a few of the ways Puthandu is celebrated within the 21st century:

1. Social Programs- Social programs, such as move and music exhibitions, are organized in Tamil communities to celebrate the celebration.

2. Community Get-togethers – Tamil communities regularly organize community social occasions and feasts to celebrate Puthandu. These events give an opportunity for families to come together and share their conventions.

3. Social Media – Social media stages have ended up a prevalent way for Tamil communities to share their Puthandu celebrations with the world.

4. Charity – Numerous Tamil communities lock in in charitable exercises on Puthandu, such as nourishment drives and gifts to the needy.

Puthandu is a time for recharging, family social occasions, and devout observances for Tamil communities around the world. The festival’s conventional hones, such as planning the Kanni, visiting temples, feasting, and wearing unused dress, are still broadly watched. However, modern-day celebrations have advanced to incorporate social programs, community get-togethers, social media, and charitable exercises. As the Tamil community plans for Puthandu in 2024, it could be a time to reflect on the noteworthiness of the celebration and to celebrate the wealthy social legacy of the Tamil people. 

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