Mumbai’s Coastal Road Project Inspected by Maharashtra’s CM Eknath Shinde

Mumbai’s coastal road project was inspected by the CM Eknath Shinde at Priyadarshini Park

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After the inspection, CM Shinde said, “The first phase is to be completed by January 31. 11 km of the tunnel will be constructed in the first phase.” This will be advantageous for commuters, particularly in the morning and evening when traffic is at its worst. Cutting-edge methods are being used to construct this tunnel. The passengers won’t feel suffocated in the event of a fire or smoke. Plans have been developed to dispose of the smoke. The CM also said that this is the largest tunnel being constructed in the country. He was also asked if the commuters will have to pay to enter the tunnel to which he responded,” “Commuters will not have to pay toll tax to use this road.” Shinde predicted that Phase 2 would be completed by May. “Further construction will continue to happen after that. The traffic will automatically smoothen after the completion of this tunnel,” concluded Maharashtra CM Eknath Shinde.

The coastal project has been the top priority for the past few years

The Mumbai Coastal Road project was the top priority for the BMC, even taking precedence over the health budget in light of the continuing epidemic. According to BMC data, the project for the coastal road received the largest share of the budget allocation by BMC for the year 2022–2023 (17%), followed by the health sector (15%), traffic and roads (12%), bridges (9%), stormwater drains (8), and the Goregaon-Mulund Link Road (7%).

The project will be finished by May 2024

According to Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, the Mumbai Coastal Road is expected to be finished by May 2024. The Worli fishermen’s demands for alignment changes resulted in an increase in project costs. The project’s cost did not change in spite of delays brought on by court rulings, the COVID-19 epidemic, and the unrest among Koli fishermen. The central goods and services tax hike and new works were the primary causes of the increase. In his response to the legislative council, Chief Minister Shinde made no mention of toll collection on the Coastal Road.

In response to queries presented by MLCs Anil Parab and Satyajeet Tambe last month, Chief Minister Shinde stated that the increase was mostly caused by an increase in the central goods and services tax and additional works, such as the planned 120-meter span in pillars for allowing boots to go. “The general consultant’s contract period has extended and his fees have increased as a result of the delay. Additional tasks include reviewing the plans for the proposed 120-meter waterway, overseeing the integrated centralised control centre, and providing consulting for the beautification work…” In his written response, CM Shinde stated that a bridge will link the Worli Coastal Road to the Bandra Worli Sea Link.

 Mumbai’s coastal road will prove to be yet another outstanding piece of infrastructure. The road will provide a lot of relief from the traffic at the peak hours to the Mumbaikars.

By: Gursharan Kaur

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