Being kind is crucial in any season, in my opinion, says Anu Aggarwal.

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We have six different seasons in India— spring, summer, monsoon, autumn, pre-winter, and winter. While some love spring, many enjoy winter, and there are others who connect with the monsoon more. Actor turned yoga expert Anu Aggarwal shares about her favorite season.

“I find that in any season being kind is of prime importance. Each season comes with its own unique traits. Different places experience different weather conditions. Like I live in Mumbai, which is a tropical region, and therefore doesn’t have drastic weather changes. It depends on which part of the world I am in to decide how I am feeling about the weather,” says the Aashiqui famed former actor.

Winters are here. But Mumbai, unfortunately, gets little or no winter at all. Nevertheless, we enjoy the season to the fullest.

“Even though cold weather needs a lot of layers to protect the body from the cold, I lived with swamis who wear little clothing in winter as well, like the Naga sadhus. I understood then that our mind is the key player to how we feel and we need to work on and transcend the feeling part of the mind so that acceptance comes easily, and then each weather feels beautiful,” she adds.

About her preferred winter holiday destination, Anu shares that having romanced the world. “I have holidayed in Bali (beautifully spiritual as well as a party place), Mozambique (by the sea of Africa as golden mud), Santa Fe (has beautiful art galleries and a never-ending canal), etc. But now my preferred holiday destination is inside me. I go within rather than without. Silence, quiet, and inner joy can be discovered there,” she says.

Actors in the entertainment industry hardly get any long holidays. So, most of them prefer short getaways.

“My foundation (Anu Aggarwal Foundation™️) has given me an opportunity to mix work with the holiday. For instance, I have been internationally presenting/lecturing about AnuFunYoga (AFY) in conferences in Barcelona, London, Mexico, Texas, etc. Since I am the director of my nonprofit organization, I am the boss to decide. I take a couple of days after the conference as holiday time in whichever place I am in,” she adds.

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