Chitra Vakil Sharma: Hearing about atrocities against women hurts my heart.

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Producer Chitra Vakil Sharma says that women are always made to feel unsafe in a country like India, and that surely needs to change. The producer adds that the reason behind these events also need to be examined and dealt with.

“It breaks my heart when I hear about such atrocities happening within our surroundings. Women in such a progressive generation too still have to face inequalities and disrespectful behaviour. The question of safety always arises whenever a woman wants to decide to do something for herself or her kids, be it about which profession to choose for herself, a vacation destination, the school to which her daughter should go, going out at night and the list just goes on. I always fail to understand what goes wrong in our society and why it always has to end with a woman in trouble when it’s not even her fault, I wish to know where it all started and who made it all about women. Seeing all this happen makes me wonder if our education system has failed or if it is the failure of a mother to teach their sons how to treat other women or if it is the father who couldn’t teach his son how to be a gentleman,” she says.

Education is the key, she says, “I believe the solution to such a terrible situation can only be educating each and everyone, not only about History, Science, and Math but also incorporating subjects like ethics, the sense of right and wrong, and morality in the syllabus by schools and institutions as well as by the parents in the early years of education.”

She adds, “To eliminate this, only a good legal system is not enough, just the punishment is not enough, we need the mindsets of an individual changed and childhood is the most appropriate time to teach individuals that.”

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