Dr. Kalpna Rawat ( Mrs. Up pride 2023 model dancer and teacher)

Nidhi Mishra
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30 June 2023,Mumbai: Meet Dr. Kalpna Rawat women who is making waves in the world of the dance sports and making a positive impact on her community. Dr. Kalpna has achieved some remarkable accomplishment and is an inspiration to many .

In 2022, Dr. Kalpana participated in the national dance Sports competition where she showcase her talent and passion for dance. Her dedication and Her dedication and hard work paid of when she was recognised for her outstanding performance .Her dedication and hard work paid of when she was recognised for her outstanding performance, earning her a place among the top performers in the competition.

In  2023, Dr. Kalpna also won the title of MRS up Pride a prestigious award that recognizes women who are making a positive impact on their community. This is testament to kalpna’s commitment to promoting social welfare and her leadership skills. She is also 9xm tv reality show 2nd runner up.

Dr. Kalpna is also a Visharad in Kathak, having completed her training from Bhatkhande . Her love for the classical dance from has led her to pursue excellence in it, and is know for her graceful performances.

But Dr.  Kalpana is not just a talented dancer; she is also a passionate teacher. She believes that everyone should have access to dance education, regardless of their economic status. To this end, she has been providing free dance classes for poor, inspiring and empowering young people to express themselves through the art of dance

In her role, as a teacher Dr. Kalpna has inspired countless students to pursue their passion for dance and has become a mentor and role model to many. Her dedication to her a students and her commitment to her community make her a true leader and  asset to society.

 Dr.Kalpna rawat is a true inspiration, who has achieved remarkable success in her career as a dancer and teacher.  Her commitment to promoting the arts and making a positive impact in her community is an example to us all.

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