Missing the touch: to all those who are celebrating virtual Valentine

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Celebrating Valentine with your loved one is something not anyone can do it especially when both of your work location does not permit. I know right! Zaalim Duniya!!! Mainting a long distance in the era of dating apps needs much more than efforts and uncountable faith on each other and cherry on the top is any kind of festivals makes you crave for them even more. This year’s Valentine Day falls on a Wednesday, so not every love birds can celebrate their romance with their bae. That does not imply that the celebrations must be called off entirely or you will start behaving like Rachel from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. stating “ this sucks! Being alone sucks!” because you are not alone I am, here to support you in case you need to wipe your tears or to make them feel special.

Even though there is a lot of space between you two, the important thing is to make each other feel special and connected, obviously towards each other! Even if you are not physically together, shared experiences can greatly deepen your relationship.  Nonetheless, you should still honor and celebrate the mutual love despite your distance from one another. However we Indians never lack in showing love and even when things go against the plan we know the ‘jugaad’ too. Here are few ideas to celebrate your this Valentine with the slogan, keeping in mind “Digital India”.

Cook Together:

Despite the stress of dealing with work all day, there’s nothing better than spending time in the kitchen with your significant other if you’re both foodies. Try creating a dish that truly brings back memories of your relationship. P.S. If you are not a skilled chef, you can always use Google to aid you. While on the phone, make your respective meals, have a bottle of wine or a cup of coffee, and discuss your day. Cheers!

Virtual Movie Date:

Yes, an old one but still many new films got OTT released which probably both of you did not get enough time to watch it or even any series that you promised each other to binge watch together no matter what. It’s time to fulfil that promise, dim the lights plug in the earphone, pop your favorite popcorn and enjoy the movie together, of course digitally but kya karein?

Gaming Night:

If your partner is a big time player, I mean in the game of course! with their respective clans, surprise them with this idea, WARNING ALERT! don’t fight if anyone of you lose the game because it’s valentine, carry forward this fight for the next day but don’t execute it on the same day.


Plan something and surprise order for them even if it’s their favorite chocolates or an ice-cream followed by a card. In our daily busy schedule we often forgot how much they mean to us and sometimes unknowingly we take them for granted. So remind them today, even if you are busy fighting your manager, delivering the work within the deadline, it is them that you often think about when you get tired. And if all this things also does not work, then BEST OF LUCK!

-Subhangee Mandal

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