Punjab Excise Policy Challenged in Court: High Stakes Battle Unfolds

Firm Takes Legal Action Against Punjab Excise Policy, High Court to Hear Case

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Legal Battle Brewing

Punjab’s excise policy is under fire! A company from Moga has thrown down the gauntlet by filing a petition in the High Court, challenging the allocation process and the hefty application fee of Rs 75,000. The court is set to hear the case on April 10, so mark your calendars!

Skyrocketing Application Fee

According to the company, the Punjab government plans to allot contracts through a draw for the fiscal year 2024-25. While the application fee used to be a mere Rs 3,500 a few years ago, it has now skyrocketed to a whopping Rs 75,000. And here’s the kicker – if you don’t win the lottery, tough luck! The application fee isn’t refundable, leaving unsuccessful applicants out of pocket.

Unjust Practices

The petitioner argues that not only is the exorbitant application fee unjust, but it also goes against the principles of fairness. Moreover, the Excise Department has implemented some arbitrary and unfair changes. It’s high time the Punjab government scraps this policy!

Election Commission Halts Draws

The Election Commission recently put the brakes on the draws for contracts under the new excise policy in Punjab. The draws, scheduled for March 22, were put on hold after the matter reached the Election Commission due to violations of the Model Code of Conduct.

BJP Raises Concerns

The Punjab BJP’s disciplinary committee recently met with the Chief Election Officer to discuss concerns about the AAP. Led by BJP chief Sunil Jakhar, the committee submitted a memorandum to the Election Commission, alleging that Punjab’s liquor policy mirrors that of the Delhi government. The memorandum also calls for an investigation by the Enforcement Directorate into Punjab’s liquor policy.


As the legal battle unfolds and political tensions simmer, Punjab’s excise policy remains at the center of controversy. With stakeholders from various sectors voicing their concerns, the fate of the policy hangs in the balance. One thing’s for sure – Punjab’s liquor landscape is in for a shake-up, and the repercussions could be felt far and wide.

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