Section 144 Imposed in Mumbai ahead of Republic Day 2024

Taking into account the city's security concerns before Republic Day 2024, the Mumbai Police enforced Section 144 throughout the whole city until February 6, 2024.

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Citing worries over a possible breach of peace, Mumbai Police has issued strict orders banning processions and gatherings of five or more people in the city until February 6. The decision was made in reaction to intelligence suggesting that there would likely be disturbances, especially in view of the planned January 26 rallies by Maratha quota enthusiast Manoj Jarange and his thousands of supporters.

The Mumbai Police implemented Section 144 throughout the city till February 6, 2024, taking into consideration the security considerations of the city before to Republic Day 2024. The Mumbai Police issued the prohibitory order after Maratha reservation activist Manoj Jarange declared that thousands of his supporters would stage a large-scale protest in Mumbai starting on January 26. This was according to a report by

Manoj Jarange is planning a protest

Manoj Jarange, who previously insisted that all Marathas be given credentials designating them as members of the Kunbi caste—a subcaste of the Other Backward Class—is organizing a large-scale demonstration. On Tuesday, Manoj Jarange Patil’s Padayatra, which is seeking the prompt implementation of the Maratha reservation, reached its fourth day. He said that he would continue his march from Ranjangaon, Pune, towards Mumbai. Prominent Maratha quota activist Jarange has announced preparations for large-scale demonstrations in Mumbai, whereby he will be demanding that all Marathas be issued a Kunbi (OBC) caste certificate. The news raised security worries, which is why gatherings and processions are prohibited. He said that he would not back down from his demand and expressed optimism that the authorities would allow protests to take place in Mumbai’s Shivaji Park or Azad Maidan.

The restrictions in Mumbai

 By pertinent provisions of the Maharashtra Police Act, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Operations) issued an order on Monday that attempts to avert any possible breach of peace, disturbance of public order, risk to human life, and loss of property. The ban went into force on Tuesday and will be in place for the ensuing fifteen days. Any gathering of five or more people, processions, and the use of loudspeakers, sound-amplifying devices, musical ensembles, and cracker-bursting during processions are all severely forbidden, according to the order. Supervisory personnel are immune from the ban, and the Zonal Deputy Commissioner of Police may make exceptions to the rule.

Full List of Restrictions Under Section 144 in Mumbai

-Large gathering of five or more people banned.

-Taking out or organising any rally is banned.

-Bursting of firecrackers not allowed during this time.

-Use of loudspeakers also banned in Mumbai.

-Use of music bands in a procession is also banned.

-Protests/hunger strikes also banned under Section 144.

-Carrying gun or knife in public places is not allowed under section 144

The order emphasizes that investigations and legal proceedings can be initiated, continued, or enforced during this period. Penalties, forfeitures, or punishments incurred for contraventions of this order may be imposed as if the order had not expired. The city remains on high alert as authorities aim to maintain public safety and prevent any potential disruptions during the specified period. Manoj Jarange stated earlier this week that on January 26, Maratha people in Mumbai will demonstrate their strength. He added that he would seek reservations by going on an indefinite hunger strike.

By: Gursharan Kaur

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