Student Falls Off High-Rise, ‘Suicide Note’ Discovered in Pocket

Eye witness says the boy was last seen with 2 boys on the 24th floor

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Initial incident

A class 11 student in Ghaziabad died after falling from the 21st story of the ATS Advantage Society’s residential building. According to the authorities, initial investigations point to suicide, as a note was found in the boy’s pocket. However, an in-depth study of all conceivable aspects of the situation is required.

Eyewitness’s confession

Eyewitnesses said they last saw the child with two of his buddies on the 24th story of the building, conversing and taking photos. According to one of the friends, the victim told them he had an errand and slipped out. A few minutes later, they noticed a disturbance below the building and discovered that their companion had fallen from the 21st floor.

Measures taken

The child was promptly taken to Shanti Gopal Hospital, where medics found a suicide note in his pocket. While the early evidence suggests suicide, the police are not ruling out other options.

Stance of the authorities

“We received information that a boy has jumped off the 21st floor. The boy was 17 years old. He had gone to ATS society to meet this friend. His friends say that he was going down for some work,” said Swatantra Kumar Singh, Superintendent of Police, Indirapuram.

What’s happening?

The police are looking deeply into the matter while the boy struggles between death and life in the hospital bed.

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