Ambadas Danve claims, ‘Eknath Shinde Party Will Cease To Exist in Three to Four Months’

The leader of the Thackeray group hit back saying that only Modi and Amit Shah are thinking about Modi and no one else is thinking about him.

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Eknath Shinde’s party is only for two to four months. Thackeray group leader Ambadas Danve has attacked Shinde claiming that he does not think this party will survive till the assembly elections. While the Lok Sabha elections are just a few days away, the division of seats in the Grand Alliance has not completely stopped. BJP has announced its own candidate in many seats and has defeated Shinde group and Ajit Pawar group. It is reported that the displeasure with the BJP has started in Shinde’s Shiv Sena over the allocation of Lok Sabha seats.

Shinde Group Upset?

There is a discussion that many constituencies of the Shinde group are unhappy because the BJP has taken them to itself. Complaints were received from the Shinde group that they took the seat for themselves citing the negative survey. There is an atmosphere of displeasure in the Shinde group as some constituencies went to the BJP. Against this backdrop, Ambadas Danve criticized that Shinde’s party has only been with him for a few months. He also warned that this party will not exist till the assembly. He indirectly said that the Shinde group has to dance to the tune of the BJP.

BJP has made Shinde Pawar a cat under the plate

Bhavna Gawli’s address was cut off from Yavatmal-Washim and Hemant Patil’s wife Rajshree Patil was announced as candidate. Even from that, the demons uttered harsh words. Demons criticized that the Bharatiya Janata Party has kept Shinde and J Pawar as a cat under the plate. His words do not matter, he has to do whatever the Bharatiya Janata Party says. When Shiv Sena chief and Uddhavji were at the helm, Bharatiya Janata Party never dared to say that he should be your candidate. Seat allocation is done by the party, they have to decide their candidate, this kind of role is there, but this is new, he said. .

Time to change candidates on grand coalition

The Mahayuti has had to change candidates in Yavatmal and Hingoli. Danve was asked how he views the fact that some seats of the Shiv Sena Thackeray group have not been finalized yet. Almost all seats of Shiv Sena have been finalized. 21 candidates have been fully declared. There are some subjects left in Mumbai. Party chief Uddhav Thackeray has taken such a stand that Shiv Sena will contest this seat if Congress does not contest.

There is still chaos in the grand alliance

The question of the grand alliance remains, but they are still in trouble. They are still changing their candidate, whether to give space to him or not. He asked whether it was Mahayuti or Mahabeki. Ambadas Danves tricked the Mahayuti saying that actually Becky is there, we have all one.

Nobody works in BJP except Modi and Shah

Devendra Fadnavis criticized Uddhav Thackeray saying that only Narendra Modi thinks of intellectuals, no one thinks of dramatists. The demons also gave a good reply to him. “Many intellectuals have gathered with Modi” he replied in an ironic tone. Does anyone ask if Modi has any chance to think? Demons also asked such a provocative question.

Danve indirectly attacked Eknath Shinde by saying that Modi only thinks about Modi and Amit Shah and nobody else. He also criticized that only big announcements are made to eradicate poverty and nothing else.

-Rahul Dubey

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