Delhi Court Warns Sanjay Singh for Adani Remarks Amidst Money Laundering Case

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Delhi Court Warns Sanjay Singh for Adani Remarks Amidst Money Laundering Case

13th October 2023,Mumbai: A Heated Courtroom Exchange

In a dramatic turn of events, AAP MP Sanjay Singh found himself in hot water during his court appearance related to a money-laundering case linked to the alleged Delhi liquor scam. Sanjay Singh, known for his vocal criticism of the government and corporate figures, made a strong claim before the court that the Enforcement Directorate had ignored his complaint against industrialist Gautam Adani.

The Court’s Stern Warning

The Rouse Avenue Court in Delhi didn’t take kindly to Sanjay Singh’s allegations and issued a stern warning. The court cautioned Singh against giving what they deemed a “political speech” and cautioned him about raising unrelated matters in the courtroom. The judge even threatened to shift the proceedings to video conferencing if such behavior persisted.

 Sanjay Singh’s Legal Fate

Special Judge MK Nagpal ruled that Sanjay Singh would be held in Judicial Custody until October 27, 2023. This decision came after the Enforcement Directorate produced Singh before the court upon the expiration of his previous custodial interrogation. The move signified a significant development in the case, with the court taking a firm stance.

 A Unique Plea for Books and Medicines

During the court proceedings, Singh’s lawyer made a unique request, seeking permission to carry 16 books authored by freedom fighters and social reformers while in custody. The court granted permission in accordance with jail rules. This request provided a glimpse of the interesting twists in an already unusual case.

 Allegations of Unrelated Questions

In his court appearance, Singh made a striking claim, asserting that the Enforcement Directorate had questioned him about “non-serious and unrelated questions” during his interrogation. These allegations raised questions about the conduct of the investigative agency and the direction of their inquiry.

 Sanjay Singh’s Political Outburst

Before his court appearance, Singh didn’t hold back in attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In a highly critical statement, he proclaimed, “Modi ji is not India’s but Adani’s prime minister,” further suggesting that a probe into Adani’s alleged wrongdoings was long overdue. This statement added a political dimension to an already controversial case.

 The Allegations of Corruption in the Liquor Policy

At the heart of this case is the Delhi liquor scam, which revolves around the now-withdrawn Delhi excise policy. The AAP government in Delhi decided to revoke the policy following a directive from L-G Anil Saxena, who ordered a CBI probe into allegations of corruption. The agencies involved in the case have alleged that some government officials favored specific liquor traders, granting them licenses at the expense of the public exchequer for personal gain.

 The courtroom exchange involving Sanjay Singh, his allegations, and the ongoing Delhi liquor scam case present a complex and politically charged situation. As the legal proceedings continue, it remains to be seen how this case will unfold and what impact it may have on both the political landscape and the allegations of corruption within the Delhi excise policy.

-by Kashvi Gala

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