Govinda Returns to Politics: A Homecoming with Shiv Sena after 14 years

Bollywood actor Govinda rejoins politics, joining Shiv Sena, aiming to promote art and culture

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Actor Govinda of Bollywood ends his “14-year-long vanvas” from active politics by joining the Shiv Sena in Mumbai, so making a momentous political return. A new phase in his political career is marked by his return to politics alongside Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde.

Political Debut and Prior Achievement:

Govinda’s political career began in 2004 when he joined the field and defeated prominent BJP politician Ram Naik to win the Mumbai North Lok Sabha seat on a Congress party ticket. His victory made him famously known as the “giant killer,” solidifying his position as a powerful political figure.

Sena Shiv Greetings

The chief minister of Maharashtra, Eknath Shinde, greets Govinda cordially and notes his popularity with a broad range of people. Following a protracted absence, Govinda’s return to politics is greeted with excitement and anticipation, with the Shiv Sena welcoming him as a valued member.

Motivations and Goals:

In announcing his plans to return to politics, Govinda highlights his dedication to advancing art and culture and his wish to make a significant contribution to the advancement of society. Govinda’s choice to join Shiv Sena, in spite of his first misgivings, is indicative of his rekindled enthusiasm for cultural enrichment and civic service.

Commendation for State and Central Leadership:

Govinda praises the revolutionary advancements made in Maharashtra under Chief Minister Eknath Shinde’s direction, as well as the revolutionary development observed nationally under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s direction. He emphasizes that promoting artistic and cultural advancement as well as state beauty are essential elements of Maharashtra’s development path.

Govinda’s Link with the Shiv Sena:

Govinda looks back on his journey and is thankful that he was able to join the Shiv Sena, seeing it as a blessing and a turning point in his political career. His sense of affiliation with the Shiv Sena is further strengthened by his familial ties to its founder, Balasaheb Thackeray.

Govinda’s Move from Congress to Shiv Sena:

Govinda’s decision to defect from the Congress party to the Shiv Sena is indicative of changing dynamics in Maharashtra’s political landscape as well as strategic reasons. His choice highlights the amorphous nature of party memberships in Indian politics and calls into question political coalitions.

Approval and Acknowledgment:

Rajya Sabha member Milind Deora sends Govinda his best wishes, mentioning their more than 25-year relationship. Recalling their collaborative involvement in the 2004 elections and Govinda’s services to the Congress party, Deora underscores Govinda’s sincere desire to embody Mumbai’s cultural legacy and the creative sector.

A major shift in Maharashtra’s political landscape, Govinda’s comeback to politics with Shiv Sena highlights the party’s dedication to inclusive representation and cultural promotion. Govinda’s ambitions to promote art and culture align with the Shiv Sena’s values as he starts this new chapter in his political career, indicating a bright and exciting future for the party and the state of Maharashtra.


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