‘Modi Toh Gayo’ Trends On X; Will Modi Lose The Elections?

Several hashtags trend against PM Modi on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter after the first round of voting.

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The Lok Sabha Elections 2024 have officially begun with the first day voting on 19th April. The first phase of this year’s Lok Sabha elections covered a total of 102 seats across 21 different states and union territories.

While the voting for the first phase was ongoing, the supporters of opposition parties and critics of BJP started several trends that were against the Modi Government. These trends challenged the belief of Modi returning to power. These trends claimed that there is a motion against the current Prime Minister and he can not return for his third term.

What hashtags are trending?

Among the hashtags that are trending on the social media platform X, #ModiTohGayo and #NoVoteToBJP are the two most retweeted trends.

ModiTohGayo was trending in India with more than 50 thousand tweets. Whereas #NoVoteToBJP was nearing 40 thousand tweets.

There were other hashtags as well like #VoteBlueToSaveDemocracy and #ChandaDoDhandhaLO, which BJP critics tweeted with. This hashtag started trending after Congress posted its new political campaign ad taking a jibe on Electoral Bonds received by BJP.

What are people tweeting?

A variety of remarks are being posted using these hashtags. An X user with username Cryptic_Miind shared the new congress campaign ad and wrote— “BJP’s Electoral Bond scam, hafta vasooli and bullying through ED, all exposed in just one ad 😂
Congress has hired a genius script writer for its campaign 🔥ChandaDoDhandhaLo”

Another user used the hashtag, ‘Modi Toh Gayo’, and posted — “BREAKING NEWS 🚨
One thing has become clear from the first phase of voting that NDA-BJP is being defeated.
They are not coming back in 2024 !”

People using these trends claim that after the data of the first phase of voting, it is more than evident that BJP is not returning to power. The voter turnout in the elections on the first day has been extremely low.

BJP supporters came with a trend

It was obvious that the supporters of BJP and PM Narendra Modi are not going to overlook such massive trends on social media, as it could malign the party’s image and impact its voter base. Hence, in order to damage control, BJP supporters also came up with hashtags and trends in support of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Government. With the help of these trends, Modi fans highlighted the policies and decisions of Modi’s 10 years of regime and how it has positively impacted the Nation.

The supporters came with hashtags like

#ModiAgain2024, Vote For BJP, and #AbkiBaar400Paar.

BJP is aiming for 400 seats

PM Narendra Modi led Bharatiya Janata Party has been consistently claiming their target of 400 seats in the Lok Sabha Elections 2024. However, this is not going to be easy, and only one time in the history of Indian Lok Sabha Elections a party has crossed 400 seats. It was Congress led by Rajiv Gandhi, post the demise of Indira Gandhi. No other party has been able to achieve that feat under any leader after that.

-Rahul Dubey

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