Nitin Gadkari says, ‘Many MLAs were having trouble because of me’

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Nitin Gadkari is popular as a blunt talker, but he pointed out that this is the biggest problem. He said that many MLAs, MPs, corporators are getting upset due to his speech.

Nitin Gadkari is known not only in the state but also in the country as a clear speaker without crowding. Perhaps this virtue becomes a problem in politics. But it was not seen that Gadkari ever carried it even in all these years. Many MPs, MLAs and corporators are facing difficulties because of me, he said at a program in Nagpur. Of course, his political elbow got laughed at. In this program, he recited the Vikas Jantri. Gadkari is currently campaigning for the Nagpur Lok Sabha constituency.

Being the son of MLA-Khasdar is not a crime

Gadkari pointed out that there is no city servant from the heart of city servants, no MLA from the heart of an MLA, MP from the heart of an MP. But it is not a crime to be the son of an MLA, MP. He emphatically said that the people have this right.

The problem is because of me

Nitin Gadkari said, “You have often said that I am not worried. Because I want to bring my son into politics… I have told my children that I don’t want to enter politics. If you want to enter politics, you have to put a poster on the wall. You have to stand from zero. You have to go and work among people. But because of me many city servants and MLAs are facing problems, he said. Bawankule was taking names of some people, I am not taking anyone’s name, why do they want to make it big by taking their names, their band has played, without naming them, they taunted Muttemwar and Nana Patole.”

Vakli Jantri of development work

He said that the children of the poor in Nagpur will not have to go far for education, it will be arranged. It is important for children to get employment, he said, let’s get employment for 1 lakh youth. He added, “I did development work. Roads were built in many areas. The best roads were built in Nagpur, I guarantee that there will be no potholes for two generations. So even if you are happy, the contractor gets upset. Because they need constant work. It is their loss.”

Enjoy boating in the Nag River

Nitin Gadkari emphasized that employment opportunities are coming to Mihan. The playground should be improved in the city. Chitnis Park is to be renewed. London Street is built. Nagpur is the first city in India to introduce a 24 by 7 water scheme which is now moving towards 100 percent completion. The work of Ambazari lake has started, and the Nag river is getting beautiful by clearing the garbage. He said, “Next time before you come to ask for your vote, I will travel by boat in Nag river, he expressed his confidence.”

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