PM Modi’s Bihar Blitz: Unveiling Projects and Political Jibes

PM Modi's Bihar Blitz: Unveiling Projects and Political Jibes

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visit to Bihar was marked by a dual focus: unveiling significant development projects and launching scathing attacks on the opposition, particularly the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD). Amidst a backdrop of political realignments and strategic manoeuvres, PM Modi’s address in Aurangabad underscored the intertwined nature of governance and electoral dynamics in the state.

PM Modi’s Verbal Assault:

In a fiery speech at a public meeting in Aurangabad, PM Modi aimed the RJD, branding it as the epitome of dynastic politics with the tagline ‘maa-baap ki sarkar’. He criticized the party for instilling fear in the people of Bihar and highlighted the imperative of preventing a return to an era marked by migration and insecurity. PM Modi’s rhetoric not only sought to discredit the RJD but also positioned the NDA as the harbinger of change and progress in Bihar.

Dynastic Politics and Irony:

PM Modi’s diatribe against the RJD extended to its leadership, condemning the prevalence of dynastic politics within the party. He noted the irony of leaders who once wielded power and instilled fear now shying away from electoral contests. PM Modi’s critique underscored the disconnect between the RJD’s past dominance and its present reluctance to engage in democratic processes. By highlighting this irony, he sought to delegitimize the opposition and bolster support for the NDA.

Focus on Development and Legacy:

Amidst the political theatrics, PM Modi reiterated his government’s commitment to development and progress in Bihar. He invoked the state’s illustrious past, paying homage to historical figures like Karpoori Thakur and invoking the legacy of Goddess Sita. PM Modi emphasized the symbiotic relationship between Bihar’s development and the empowerment of its marginalized communities, underscoring his government’s inclusive approach to governance.

Unveiling Development Projects:

In a symbolic gesture of his administration’s commitment to Bihar’s development, PM Modi unveiled projects worth over Rs 21,400 crore during his visit. These projects, spanning infrastructure, healthcare, education, and other sectors, represent a tangible investment in the state’s future. The presence of key dignitaries, including Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Union ministers, at the official function, underscored the collaborative efforts to accelerate Bihar’s growth trajectory.

Political Context and Strategic Maneuvers:

PM Modi’s visit to Bihar occurs against the backdrop of significant political realignments, including Nitish Kumar’s return to the NDA fold. The timing of PM Modi’s address, amidst the evolving political landscape, signals the BJP’s intent to consolidate its position and assert dominance in the state. By combining developmental initiatives with political jibes, PM Modi seeks to strengthen the NDA’s electoral prospects while marginalizing the opposition.


PM Modi’s visit to Bihar epitomizes the fusion of governance, politics, and development initiatives in India’s electoral landscape. His dual focus on unveiling projects and launching verbal assaults on the opposition underscores the intricate interplay between governance priorities and electoral strategies. As Bihar braces for the upcoming elections, PM Modi’s rhetoric and actions shape the contours of political discourse, laying the groundwork for future electoral battles and governance imperatives in the state.

-Prisha Jaiswal

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