Boosting Technological Development in India: 7 Semiconductor Startups Setting the Standard

Semiconductor startups in India innovate AI, IoT, chip design, test/packaging, SDR tech, driving industry growth

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The advent of semiconductor companies that are driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of technological prowess is causing a huge upheaval in the technology landscape of India. This essay explores the narratives of seven such startups that are significantly influencing the development of India’s semiconductor market.

The Origin of Indian Semiconductor Startups

Over the years, India’s semiconductor industry has grown steadily, driven by a rise in startups that specialize in chip design, manufacturing, and associated technologies. These firms have profited from government programs, the expanding demand for semiconductor solutions across multiple industries, and India’s reservoir of engineering talent.

Inventrom: Using Indigenous Solutions to Revolutionize IoT

With its cutting-edge solutions for smart home automation, industrial automation, and agricultural, Inventrom is leading India’s IoT revolution. With the help of their flagship solution, Bolt IoT, developers can easily create IoT applications, increasing productivity and connection in a variety of sectors.

DeePhi Tech: Innovating AI-Powered Hardware Products

In the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) hardware, DeePhi Tech is causing a stir with its state-of-the-art deep learning and neural network acceleration solutions. DeePhi Tech is enabling quicker and more efficient AI computations, transforming industries including autonomous vehicles, healthcare, and robotics. The company focuses on energy-efficient AI processors.

InCore Semiconductors: Transforming Conventions for Chip Design

With its cutting-edge methods for system-on-chip (SoC) design and verification, InCore Semiconductors is revolutionizing chip design paradigms. InCore Semiconductors provides high-performance, low-power semiconductor solutions that are customized to satisfy the changing demands of the market by utilizing cutting-edge processes and technologies.

Tessolve: Promoting Quality in Semiconductor Testing and Assembly

Offering complete solutions for chip testing, characterisation, and packaging, Tessolve is a major participant in the semiconductor test and packaging ecosystem. Tessolve is a multi-industry provider of services, with a focus on quality and dependability and cutting-edge facilities serving the automotive, consumer electronics, and aerospace sectors.

Developing Software-Defined Radio Technology at Saankhya Labs

Leading the way in software-defined radio (SDR) technology development, Saankhya Labs offers adaptable wireless communication solutions for public safety, defense, and telecommunications. Their novel take on SDR design offers increased affordability, scalability, and flexibility.

Sankalp Semiconductor: Facilitating Innovation in Semiconductor Design

Sankalp Semiconductor’s broad range of services covering mixed-signal, digital, and analog design is propelling innovation in semiconductor design. To provide cutting-edge solutions, Sankalp Semiconductor collaborates with top semiconductor firms globally, prioritizing quality, dependability, and time-to-market.

The future appears bright as India is making progress in semiconductor technology, propelled by the creativity and zeal of entrepreneurs like Inventrom, DeePhi Tech, InCore Semiconductors, Tessolve, Saankhya Labs, and Sankalp Semiconductor. These startups are advancing innovation and adding value across a variety of industries, not to mention strengthening India’s technological position and leaving their mark on the international semiconductor scene. When the proper legislative framework and support ecosystem are in place.


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