Virat Kohli Clears ‘Yo-Yo’ Fitness Test Ahead of Asia Cup 2023

India's Former Captain Aces Endurance Test with a Score of 17.2 in Alur Camp

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24 August 2023, Mumbai: In preparation for the upcoming Asia Cup 2023, former Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli recently underwent a rigorous fitness assessment. Joining his Team India peers in Alur for the national camp, Kohli took on the challenging ‘Yo-Yo’ Test, which evaluates both physical fitness and mental endurance. This demanding assessment involves running between two cones set 20 meters apart within a specific time frame, with each round getting progressively more demanding.

Virat Kohli’s Insta Story

Sharing his achievements on Instagram, Virat Kohli proudly revealed his success in the ‘Yo-Yo’ Test. He achieved an impressive score of 17.2 during the test conducted in Alur. The ‘Yo-Yo’ Test is not only a measure of physical prowess but also a gauge of mental resilience, showcasing the players’ ability to endure and excel under pressure.

The Hallmark Of Fitness

The ‘Yo-Yo’ Test, a hallmark of Team India’s fitness evaluation, entails running between two cones positioned 20 meters apart. Players must complete the back-and-forth run within a predefined time period, indicated by a beep. Failure to reach the cone before the beep results in a warning. Following each run, a brief 10-second rest is permitted before commencing the next round. The time allotted for each run progressively decreases, increasing the challenge.

For the ‘Yo-Yo’ Test, players receive up to three warnings for not meeting the required time. Upon exhausting these warnings, the attained speed level is calculated. Virat Kohli comfortably exceeded the minimum speed level set by Team India, achieving a score of 17.2. His exemplary performance demonstrates his dedication to maintaining peak physical condition for the upcoming Cricket World Cup 2023.

BCCI to ensure Players’ Fitness

As the countdown to the Cricket World Cup 2023 intensifies, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) leaves no stone unturned to ensure the players’ fitness readiness. A group of 18 players, vying for spots in the World Cup squad, is undergoing extensive fitness and medical assessments at Alur. This comprehensive evaluation is in line with BCCI’s commitment to meticulous preparation ahead of the prestigious tournament scheduled for October-November.

Tests including blood work, lipid profile, calcium levels, and hormone evaluations

While routine fitness tests are common practice under the purview of the National Cricket Academy (NCA) and BCCI’s medical team, the pre-World Cup assessments take on heightened significance. Apart from the ‘Yo-Yo’ Test, players are subjected to a battery of tests including blood work, lipid profile, calcium levels, and hormone evaluations. Dexa scans, assessing bone density, are also conducted when necessary.

A BCCI source, requesting anonymity, revealed that the routine fitness tests are being conducted for most players, excluding those who recently participated in a series in Ireland. These tests encompass blood tests, along with comprehensive assessments of various health parameters, ensuring the players are in prime condition for the challenges that lie ahead. Customized diet plans and training regimens tailored to individual needs further underscore the meticulous approach taken by Team India’s management.

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