15 Agritech Startups Disrupting Agricultural Landscape In India

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India’s agriculture industry has long been a pillar of the country’s economy, but with the rise of agritech companies, the industry is changing dramatically. Here are 15 startups that are spearheading the movement:

1. AgroStar

AgroStar, founded in 2013, offers digital solutions to farmers, becoming India’s largest digital farmer network and agri-inputs platform.

2. BigHaat

BigHaat is a farmer-centric digital marketplace founded in 2015, providing high-quality inputs and data-based insights to farmers.

3. CropIn

CropIn’s SaaS platform digitises farm-to-fork operations, impacting millions of farmers globally with real-time data and advisories.

4. DeHaat

DeHaat, since 2012, provides end-to-end agricultural services, serving millions of farmers and expanding globally through its digital network.

5. Eeki Foods

Eeki Foods, founded in 2018, focuses on sustainable farming with climate-proof growing chambers, reducing water usage by 80%.

6. Ergos

Ergos, established in 2012, offers storage services and credit facilities, connecting farmers to buyers and boosting their income.

7. FarMart

FarMart, launched in 2016, operates as a micro SaaS-led platform, sourcing quality produce and digitising food value chains.

8. Fasal

Fasal, founded in 2018, optimises horticulture with AI and IoT, securing funding to scale its operations across India and Southeast Asia.

9. Gramophone

Gramophone, established in 2016, offers full-stack agritech services, including crop advisory and input sales, backed by significant funding.

10. Intello Labs

Intello Labs, since 2016, uses AI for grading and quality checks, streamlining agricultural processes and reducing manual labour.

11. KisanKonnect

KisanKonnect, launched in 2020, directly sources food from farmers, serving over 1 lakh consumers and managing cultivated land.

12. Ninjacart

Ninjacart, founded in 2015, sources fresh produce directly from farmers, supplying to thousands of retail stores across India.

13. Otipy

Otipy, part of Crofarm Agriproducts, operates as a B2B2C social commerce platform, reducing wastage with predictive demand technology.

14. Vegrow

Vegrow, established in 2020, operates a B2B fruit marketplace, leveraging data and tech to maximise farmers’ income.

15. WayCool

WayCool, founded in 2015, operates a full-stack agritech platform, connecting farmers to retailers and offering SaaS products for supply chain management.

These 15 agritech startups represent the innovative spirit driving India’s agricultural revolution, poised to disrupt the sector and drive sustainable growth.

– Bhumi Rathore

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