Gemini, instead of CHATGPT according to Google

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In the generation of few steps far from saying HAIL HYDRA! Google suggesting to use Gemini, center of the entire android ecosystem as well as new more powerful version of chatbot and also Gemini Advanced by subscription only. Though chatGPT is the root of the innovation Gemini is the new bard now.

Bard to Gemini:

The rumors of Google wanting to rebrand Bard is from quite few times and yesterday the company stated in a closed auditorium about the new GEMINI from BARD which indicating to It was quite clear from the starting that Google wants Gemini now to be the Ace of Android and now it’s focus is to how to shot the magic bullet on people mind Bard, no, sorry Gemini rather than chatGPT.

Personality traits and behaviour:

In step with the present day studies the Gemini offers tons slicker interface and is less at risk of tech mistakes. Whereas,  chatGPT is now thinking to take retirement due to not so being GenZ, Gemini is now playing the card of words along with being more friendly and agreeable. It is a standalone app among android users however it is the new addition in the family tree of Siri and Alexa.

Sense of security:

While chatGPT is more like the grandparents wrapped in emotions and affections who will give you money for the things out of love which your parents refused to buy Gemini might help you to suggest how to earn even via hacking, hmm! ethical of course. To be precise Gemini can go more darker than chatGPT.

Goal at the back of Gemini:

Google wants to gift human race a helper which is AI, though earlier version of Bard were listed to do all this things but sometimes as we know we all a need a push to reach our existing potential and Gemini gave it a push to stand it on it’s feet along with a new journey to embark on. All of the integration on Google makes it super easy to catch with the help of this smart neurons. Though it is not here yet but ordering someone to remind your important mails to reply and promotional to give a toss is something cherry on the top.

-Subhangee Mandal

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