Tables have turned: iPhone to launch foldable phones.

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The fad of foldable phones is presently at the go together with Samsung Z-flips and opposition from Apple is at the way. People have been talking about how Apple is experimenting via imitating designs like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Oppo Find N3 Flip, however this phone will be smaller in size like a clamshell rather than a regular size model.

Rumor or boomers?

The factor to recognize this just because rumors are their it does no longer necessarily imply it’s far going to get released every time soon because company like Apples often tries to preserve it’s exclusivity along with the top class fine and specialty.Hence, even if we are expecting any foldable phones with the logo of that half bitten Apple we must need to wait until 2026 or so.

Tie-ups and tie-down:

Apple is also looking to get parts for this new model from Asia but as per it needs if the category does not fit chances to get rejections are quite expected.  Apple has been trying to get their palms on this baby from 2018 onwards however but both the display, smooth features or the battery is coming in among.  In 2020, they confirmed that they are no more working on the foldable phones but their focuses shifted towards foldable I-pad which we might can expect a launch around 2026 along with the phones at the same time.

Contemporary results:

Apple brains are running in the direction of the fixation to cast off all kinds of crease and they wants to make sure that the pencil works absolutely fine in the phones too without any hindrances. Even though LG and Samsung helping with the I-pad the angel for iPhones are nonetheless in shadows.

By- Subhangee Mandal

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