Title: Apple Set to Unveil Highly Anticipated Headset at WWDC 2023

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5th June 2023, Mumbai: According to industry experts, Apple is preparing to make its most significant product release since the debut of the Apple Watch in 2015. During the keynote speech at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), CEO Tim Cook is expected to showcase a new product that is being hailed as the future. However, the anticipated price tag of approximately $3,000 (£2,400) may pose a challenge for consumers.While Apple has not officially confirmed the existence of the headset, leaks and reports suggest that it will offer both virtual and augmented reality experiences. Online images depict the headset, dubbed “Reality Pro,” resembling wraparound ski goggles. To make the device smaller and lighter, Apple has reportedly removed the internal battery, requiring users to carry an external battery connected via a cable.

Although the unveiling at WWDC does not guarantee immediate availability, reports suggest that the headset will hit the shelves later this year. Sol Rogers, from visual-effects film studio Magnopus, believes that while the industry will not experience an overnight transformation, Apple’s endorsement will bring validation and credibility to the technology. Rogers predicts that Apple’s eventual success will redefine both digital and physical realities, making extraordinary experiences an everyday occurrence.

The conference, taking place at Apple Park, the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California, will be streamed live on Apple’s website and YouTube channel. Apart from the headset, Tim Cook is expected to discuss Apple’s artificial intelligence (AI) strategy, an area where the company has been relatively quieter compared to Microsoft and Google. Recent job advertisements for software engineers indicate that Apple is seeking to bolster its AI expertise.

In addition to the highly anticipated headset, Apple is also likely to unveil a 15-inch (38cm) MacBook Air laptop and updates to its iOS, iPadOS, and macOS operating systems. The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple would introduce a mental-health journaling iPhone app at WWDC, further diversifying its product lineup.

By staying at the forefront of technological innovation, Apple continues to generate significant interest among consumers. While the price of the headset may present a hurdle, its release marks an important milestone in the development of virtual and augmented reality experiences. With the live stream allowing enthusiasts worldwide to witness the unveiling, all eyes will be on Apple Park as the company paves the way for the extraordinary to become the everyday.


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