Actor Angad Bedi talks about Cricket, IPL fever, fitness of Virat Kohli and more…

His Father Bishan Singh Bedi has represented Indian Cricket for 20 years

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Angad Bedi talks about cricket

Angad Bedi is an Indian Actor. He is a total sport, literally, when he steps on the cricket ground to play any match. He loves playing cricket. The Indian Premiere League fever has gripped the country, and the actor can’t escape it. “This game has given me a lot. First of all- a father who played cricket for the Indian team for 20 years,” he smiles as he picks up the bat. He is referring to the late Bishan Singh Bedi, known as one of the best bowlers India has produced.

Has played professional cricket

Bedi played cricket professionally till U-19 for Delhi, but left it to pursue another career in modelling, and eventually acting. “Main game se naraaz ho gaya tha,” he mentions without delving into details as to why he left. But today, he looks at it with a totally different view. “It was because of my dad and the game that I got discipline. This game gave me the attitude to never give up, take defeat in my stride. This is the only game which is compared with life, and it will always be, no matter what experiences have been with me. Now that my dad is up in the heavens, the closest thing to me is the sport,” he smiles.

His father is very strict

Bedi’s oldest cricket memory is of being punished by his father on the pitch. He recalls with a laugh, “He used to say ‘On the field, you are not my son, I am not your father, you are as good as anybody else. I have to set an example, and will have to punish you first so that people don’t feel I am favouring you in any way’ He said I will have to bear it. I wouldn’t understand, but now I feel whatever he said made sense. Today, I have made a career in films, all thanks to this sport and him.”

Gave example of Virat Kohli’s Fitness

He still remembers the 400 meter frog and kangaroo jumps he would have to do. “I had to prove my mettle before getting into batting. My dad would say he doesn’t want to see my skill, but my fitness. Virat’s fitness has uplifted the team. He has set a fine example. T20 cricket has evolved so much The fittest players are playing the sport. Their longevity is much higher than it was earlier,” he says as he takes a quick drinks break.

Cricket is his passion

Angad Bedi has two kids. Guriq and Mehr Bedi is their names. He has married to actor Neha Dhupia. Have they shown a keen interest in the game too? Bedi shares, “My son has, but he is too young, just two-and-a-half. He likes to throw the ball, he’s got the mannerisms of his grandfather (laughs) I just hope that he plays any sport, not necessarily cricket. Sport teaches you a lot, it is the highest leveller. That’s the best thing you will do for yourself. My passion is cricket, find yours.”

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