‘Raab Se Hai Dua’ The actor Saarvie Omana tries to keep his personal and professional lives apart.

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Saarvie Omana is a part Prateek Sharma’s SLSD Rabb Se Hai Dua on Zee TV. She plays the role of Kaynaat in the show that has been received well by the audience.

“Response is really good and we are trying to give the best to our lovable audience so that they enjoy every bit of it. The idea is to give them wholesome entertainment,” she says.
About how much she connects with her character, Saarvie shares, “Kaynaat is like me in a lot of ways. She is a simple next door sort of a girl, which I really like about her. The way she looks at things, her positivity, are things that we have in common. It is not at all difficult to get into the skin of my character because she feels real. Kaynaat is a humble person who just wants to help everyone and is very emotional about her loved ones.”

Relating to her character is one thing but taking is another as Saarvie prefers keeping her personal and professional lives separate. “There are few things that are there in Kaynaat which are very different from me. As far as dissociation is concerned, I always leave my character on the set right after my pack-up because that is the job as an artist to keep things separate or else it will get difficult. The difference between Kaynaat and Saarvie helps this process,” she explains.

Ask if it is tough to play a muslim character on screen, especially the tehzeeb. “No it’s not difficult or I would say I’m loving it as I’m learning new things being Kaynaat Akhtar on the show. The best thing is that I am doing something that I have done before,” she adds.

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