Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Issues Explanation After Video Of Him Whipping Student With Shoe Circulates Around The Web

Pakistani vocalist Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has as of late shared an explanation over the video of him showing attacking his pupil turns into a web sensation

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28th January,2024, Mumbai: Prestigious Pakistani artist Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is one of the much-adored vocalists across the globe. He has likewise conveyed his resonant voice in a few super-hit Bollywood tunes. As of late, the vocalist overwhelmed himself in a contention after a video of him attacking his follower became a web sensation on the web. In light of this, the Mann Ki Lagan vocalist gave an explanation video tending to the debate.

Rahar Fateh Ali Khan’s Video Whipping His Devotee Circulates Around The Social Media

A video has been generally flowed on the web that shows Pakistani vocalist Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan fiercely whipping his devotee with his shoe. In the video, the artist is seen over and over hitting and slapping the man while inquisitive about his ‘bottle’. The man is seen importuning the artist, expressing that he has no clue about it. Besides, several individuals were seen interceding as they attempted to pull the singer to save the man.

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Explains The Occurrence

Hours after the fact, the vocalist delivered an explanation video on his authority Instagram handle. In the video, Khan commented that it was an individual matter between an ‘ustad’ and his ‘shagird’ (educator and his pupil). The video includes the man whom he was considered pummeling and his dad to be well.

The vocalist guarded by expressing, “The recordings you are seeing are a private matter between a ustad and shagird.” He presents the man as his follower and another man remaining close to him as his dad. The singer go on by expressing, “He resembles my child. This is the manner by which the relationship is between an educator and his supporter. In the event that a pupil accomplishes something great, I shower my adoration on him. On the off chance that he accomplishes something wrong, he is rebuffed.

Further, the one who professed to be the devotee made sense of that the container about which is being discussed contained sacred water from a strict pastor who presented refrains over it. He proceeded to concede that he had lost the jug, which prompted the episode. He proceeded to express, “He resembles my dad. He cherishes us a great deal. Whoever spread this video is attempting to criticize my ustad.”

Rahat additionally guaranteed that he had apologized to the supporter just after the episode. Besides, the follower’s dad additionally protected the artist, as he stressed the connection between an ‘ustad’ and ‘shagird’ in the Qawwali domain. The video finishes up with the vocalist’s driver affirming that he has never been abused by the O Re Piya artist.

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