Aliens spotted in Brazil after Miami: Super tall creatures captured on videos

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Ilha do Mel is a small Brazilian island two miles off the coast of Southeast Brazil. Two enormous figures can be seen wandering around the foothills of the island. The animals were seen swinging their arms in a way that was uncannily similar to human behaviour. The video has sparked curiosity on social media.

A few days ago, gigantic figures were spotted in Miami Mall too. According to a post on January 8, 2024 on X, now known as Twitter, “10-Foot Shadow Alien Spotted Outside A Mall In Miami, Police Storms Street,” The video shows a birds-eye view of police cars swarming Bayside Marketplace, an outdoor mall in Miami, Florida. The people were shocked to see the videos and commented on the post,” It’s too big to be a person,” one person exclaims, with another adding, “Look at the way he moves, it’s really weird! Look at the size of those steps, it’s very fast.”

The spotting in Brazil

On January 6, videos of Brazil’s lush hills against a clear blue sky started making the rounds on social media. From a distance, viewers may make out two humanoid beings standing atop one of the hills, making gestures and movements. The figures are hard to recognise with any particular attribute, but based on their size and the distance from which they were captured, they appear to be very tall. While travelling with her family on the island of Ilha do Mel in Brazil, Sara Dalete took the video footage of the creatures. The figures, according to Dalete, were roughly three metres tall and “moved very quickly,” but she also stated that her party was unable to approach or speak with them on the hilltop. While a clip from the encounter is going viral online, a spokesperson for the Paraná State government reportedly mocked the incident, saying, “Our summer is from another world. Even strange beings come here to enjoy our coastline.”

Tall creatures that were seen in Miami

A large number of “unruly juveniles” started a disturbance on New Year’s Day in Miami, Florida, blowing off fireworks and creating a panic. As a result, a swarm of police officers arrived at the Bayside Marketplace. Contrary to reports, law police received calls alerting them to a potential shooting. To get things under control, there was a significant police presence at the outdoor mall as a result of the issue. Many social media users claimed to have seen “8-10f shadow aliens” in viral footage from the incident, which made them doubt that a large number of police officers had arrived for the sole purpose of calming down rowdy youths. Miami police have debunked any theories of aliens at the Bayside Marketplace, saying, “What is seen in this clip is the shadow of someone walking. If you look at the bottom of the shadow, you can see the person. No creature.”

Truth behind the Brazil sighting

After days of conjecture, the “alien” has now identified himself as Felipe Motta, an Italian basketball player. Felipe, who plays for Brazil’s Flamengo club, said: ‘I went on a trail to enjoy nature and this view. ‘But then people took a photo of me, sent it to the gossip page and called me strange.’Felipe, who measures up at just two metres (6.5 feet) says he often gets teased about his height but this one was off the scale.He said: ‘Some things have to stop.’

By: Gursharan Kaur

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