Bigg Boss 17: Known Celebrities Criticized Show For Publicly Scrutinizing Personal Lives

Bigg Boss 17: Known Celebrities Criticized Show For Publicly Scrutinizing Personal Lives

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On 12th January 2024, Mumbai: Controversial reality show Bigg Boss 17 was making headlines about the contestant’s controversy. In a recent episode, contestant Ayesha Khan bashed standup comedian Munawar Faruqui. Ayesha exposes Munawar’s personal life, past relationship problems and more. Well known celebrities criticized the show for reveles her personal life on national television. Pavitra Punia wrote about the Munawar Faruqui’s controversy she mentioned, “Have some decency and not character assassin #MunawaraFaruqui @munawar0018 everybody here belongs to a family.”

The Show Shared Personal Lives Of Its Contestants

The controversial reality show Bigg Boss 17 was the talk of town for each passing day. The show revealed contestants’ personal lives on national television day by day. It started from Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain’s marital challenges then love triangle between Isha, Samarth and Abhishek and recent revelation of Munawar Faruqui past relationship and more about his personal lives.

Pavitra Punia Slammed Makers For Sharing Personal Lives Of Contestants

Celebrities raised their concern about Munawar Faruqui and slammed makers. Pavitra Punia wrote, “Have some decency and not character assassin #MunawaraFaruqui @munawar0018 everybody here belongs to a family. Even if madam #AyeshaKhan said something personal, you guys should have avoided displaying it on national television. #shamebb. Oh by the way he has a child. Stay strong M.” She also shared, “You know what guys, this season of Bigg Boss is crossing limits and you know what #biggboss you should stop getting exes in the house now and have some class of selection. Stop spoiling images of people for the sake of your content.”

Kishwar Merchant Came To Support Munawar Faruqui

Kishwer Merchant wrote, “As a show and as the makers you don’t have the right to do what you are doing to Munawar!! It’s his personal life , what he does inside the house is Your game not what he has done outside !! #BiggBoss17.”

Niti Taylor Criticized Show

Niti Taylor wrote, “It’s disheartening to witness the public scrutiny of someone’s personal life on a reality show. Criticizing and demeaning a person, despite claiming to love them, sends conflicting messages to today’s generation. Love should not translate into public degradation. One wonders why such matters need to be aired publicly when genuine concerns could be addressed privately. It’s a reminder of the complexities and contradictions in how relationships are portrayed and judged in the public eye. The consequences of publicly tarnishing someone’s character extend beyond entertainment; it causes genuine mental distress. It takes immense effort to build a name, enduring countless hardships. Let’s not allow hate to tarnish that hard-earned reputation. In a world preaching kindness, it’s crucial to question the negativity we witness on public platforms. Publicly dismantling someone’s character can inflict severe mental distress, and it’s crucial to recognize the line between entertainment and harm. It’s time to stop the cycle of harassment and focus on positivity. If wronged, it’s better to let go and trust that there is a higher power overseeing everything, ready to administer justice in due time.”

By Sojwal Gurav

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