Candice King and Steven Krueger dating after seven years of the end of “Vampire Diaries” and “The originals”

Actress shares a reel on her social media and is seen kissing Steven

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Candice King who played the role of Caroline Forbes in “Vampire diaries” is reportedly dating  ,Steven Krueger who played Josh in the spin off series “The originals”. The actress shared a year end reel where she created a montage of her 2023 moments and in one of the clips she is seen kissing Steven Krueger. Even though the clip is of just 2secs, fans recognised the guy she is kissing very easily.The fans were pretty shocked and happy to see the both together especially the fans of the show “Vampire diaries”and “The originals”. Even though the show ended 7 years ago, the two actors have been rumoured to be dating just recently. A fan commented,”Caroline and Josh were not on my 2023 bingo card but I’m here for it”. Although this came as a surprise to many of us Candice was also seen in Steven’s “Day in My Life” feature that he did for Us Weekly in April 2023.

Steven Krueger played the role of Josh Rosza in “The originals” which was a spin off series of “The Vampire Diaries” and ran side by side for several years. Steven Krueger appeared in all five seasons of the spin off series.Many users were commenting saying that’s it’s very exciting to see Caroline and Josh dating after all these years.

Candice King’s separation in 2022 from Joe

 The actress had previously been married to  musician Joe King back in 2014 and they filed for divorce in 2022. They have two daughters Florence and Josephine. She stated that the reason for their divorce was,”irriconcilable differences”.

Her prominent role in Vampire diaries

The actress 36, is well known for her role as Caroline Forbes and is greatly loved among the show’s fans.Her role as Elena’s friend started on a low bar where she was also seen as a little mean and careless but it quickly gained momentum and through the seaons she became one of the favourite characters of many fans. Although she didn’t have any role with Josh she did make two-three appearences in “The originals” alongside Joseph Morgan.

Candice and Steven were both seen together in attendance at the TVD and The Originals reunion in October 2022. Sharing the video on her Instagram handle she captioned, “I laughed. I cried. I laughed til I cried. I loved. Thanks for the dance 2023”.

By Gursharan Kaur Sanhotra

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