Learning through technology in the twenty first century.

Technology has given today’s students wonderful learning opportunities. The students today can learn from anywhere around the world. Since a huge amount of work for kids today is dependent on technology, they need to choose the right laptop for online education. Whichever digital device they use needs to have the right tools for a smooth and good educational experience.

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Advantages of using laptops for educational purpose:

Laptops are now being used not only for home purposes but also for schools and universities. Students can get PDFs, and PowerPoint presentations as notes easily on laptops. Many students prefer having notes on PDFs as note-taking physically by hand can be time-consuming and tiring. Electronic note-taking is faster and sometimes more convenient. It is also easier to asses information on digital devices. The online learning environment has become very common since the pandemic. Laptops for online classes are crucial as they can be carried anywhere. The students must opt for a laptop with the right features according to their learning requirements. The ready availability of information makes it easier for the students to study and multitask as well. Laptops for educational purposes must have their distinct features.  Let’s explore some important considerations to keep in mind while selecting the right laptop for educational purposes.

Important points to keep in mind while purchasing a laptop for online classes and education:

The students must choose a laptop with a powerful processor that can handle heavy educational applications. The device needs to have a strong RAM so that it can handle multitasking. Your laptop should have at least a 1Ghz processor and the RAM should be a minimum of 256MB for Windows machine. Video conferencing is another very important thing to keep in mind for online education. The laptop must be able to handle the educational software and run it smoothly. The students must choose the one that is in alignment with the needs of their curriculum. The battery life of a laptop also needs to be strong so that it can support long learning hours. A laptop for online classes should be able to handle the long learning curriculum of the kid without getting heated up. A digital learning environment demands smooth and multipurpose functioning. The laptop must have a 250GB hard drive or higher for good distance learning. A laptop that has been manufactured within the last 5 years should be able to handle any online school program. Buying the latest model will be good enough if you are thinking of investing in a laptop for online education. Recently manufactured laptops will have good tools, batteries and processors to support online learning.

An anti-virus program should also be updated regularly on a laptop for online classes. Windows 10 or MACOS 10.10 or later, Microsoft Edge, Firefox 48 or later should be good enough for sustaining long-term coursework and research. The original version of any popular anti-virus software such as Norton, Quick heal, or Bitdefender will protect your device from any harm such as cyber hacking and it is good to invest in a genuine one that is regularly updated. Budget is another very important aspect to be kept in mind while planning to purchase a laptop for educational purposes. Laptops of brands such as AS, HP, Dell and Acer fall within the budget of INR 30000-50000. One can also access websites as they offer discounts frequently, rather than buying a laptop from a store.


In conclusion, the investment in a laptop for online classes must be done very smartly and selectively. The age of digital educational environment demands for us to be smart and tech savvy while choosing right devices according to our requirements. Good applications and tools can help students manage their load easily and learn more efficiently, hence being tech savvy and smart is definitely an important characteristic in today’s technology driven world.

By: Gursharan Kaur

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