Congress Relief as Income Tax Department Defreezes Bank Accounts with a Lien

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Congress leaders launched accusations against the Narendra Modi government, labelling it as ‘power-drunk’, following the freezing of the party’s bank accounts by the Income Tax Department.

The Unfreezing: A Ray of Relief

In a significant turn of events, the Income Tax department defroze the Congress party’s bank accounts after a crucial hearing in the case. The accounts, frozen on February 14 due to a cash transaction of approximately Rs 14 lakh and a delayed tax return from 2018-19, saw a reprieve for the party.

Account Status: A Continuing Saga

Congress Accounts Unlocked but Remain under IT Department’s Scrutiny

Congress leader Vivek Tankha announced that the accounts were unlocked by the tax department after the hearing. However, he emphasized that the accounts would continue to be under the scrutiny of the IT department.

Legal Directions: Congress Operates Accounts with a Lien and ITAT Delhi Directs

Tankha highlighted that the Congress could operate its accounts with a lien of the IT Department as directed by the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT) in Delhi. Tankha also mentioned that the prayer for interim relief would be heard on Wednesday.

Pre-Election Predicaments

Reacting to the freeze, Congress leader Ajay Maken expressed concerns over the timing, stating that it occurred mere weeks before elections, leaving the party unable to fulfil basic financial obligations like paying electricity bills.

Allegations of Politicized Actions: Congress Claims Political Motivations Behind Account Seizure

Maken further elaborated that the Income Tax Department demanded a recovery of Rs 210 crore from the Youth Congress and Congress party. He asserted that freezing accounts just before elections is tantamount to stifling democracy.

Defending the Party’s Ethos: Rahul Gandhi Reiterates Congress’ Commitment to People’s Power

Rahul Gandhi reaffirmed the party’s stance, asserting that Congress derives power from the people, not money. He challenged the Modi government not to be afraid, emphasizing that Congress stands firm against dictatorship.

Assault on Democracy

Congress president Mallikarun Kharge condemned the freezing of accounts as an assault on democracy orchestrated by a power-drunk Modi government. He highlighted the disparity in treatment between funds collected by the BJP and Congress, appealing to the judiciary to uphold democracy.

Call to Action: Kharge Vows Strong Resistance and Appeals to Judiciary

Kharge vowed strong resistance against what he termed autocracy and called upon the judiciary to intervene to protect India’s multi-party system and democracy. He emphasized the party’s readiness to take to the streets in protest.

-Prisha Jaiswal

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