Bigg Boss 17:  Abhishek’s Father Pleads Salman Khan as contestant Abhishek Kumar Gets Evicted by captain Ankita Lokhande for Slapping Samarth Jurel during the argument!

"Abhishek Kumar's father emotionally appeals to Salman Khan after his son gets evicted from Bigg boss 17 for slapping Samarth Jurel with Isha Malviya's mother giving warnings."

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5 January 2023, Mumbai: Bigg Boss 17 witnessed an emotional turn when Abhishek Kumar was ejected for slapping fellow contestant Samarth Jurel. After the eviction, Abhishek’s father took to social media and asked show host Salman Khan to give his son a second chance.

Abhishek Kumar’s father expresses concern

In a video shared online, Abhishek’s father expresses concern over how Samarth and another contestant Isha Malviya provoked his son. He said that while all the contestants on the show try to win over and tease each other, the way Samarth and Isha targeted Abhishek went too far. They made fun of Abhishek’s mental state and even talked about his father, which, according to Abhishek’s father, was not right at all.

Ankita Lokhande ousts Abhishek Kumar

Describing Abhishek as an “emotional” person, his father implored Salman Khan to forgive his son and return to Bigg Boss. He thanked Salman for his generosity and the help he had given to many people and hoped that Abhishek would get another chance. The conflict that led to Abhishek’s ouster included a heated argument between him, Isha, and Samarth. Things took a serious turn when Abhishek slapped Samarth during the argument. When Captain Ankita had the power to decide who to eliminate, she decided to kick Abhishek out of the Bigg Boss house. However, this decision was not well received by Abhishek’s fans.

Isha Malviya’s mother warns

It took an unexpected turn and the drama continues out of Bigg boss house, Isha’s mother threatened legal action against Abhishek on social media. She claimed that Abhishek spoke ill of her daughter and said that he should not have joined the show if she could not bear to be near Isha. She also hinted at possible legal repercussions for her, which she said she is holding back out of concern for Isha.

In her strong message, she wrote, “Shame on you for dragging Isha into all of this.

Bigg Boss 17 physical violence

In the end, Abhishek’s father hopes that Salman Khan will show sympathy and give his son another chance as Bigg Boss. The drama, which is filled with fights, evictions and family accusations, has consistently intrigued the viewers and has kept Bigg Boss 17’s TRPs high.

By Aafreen Khan

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