How Former Colleagues Reacted to Arvind Kejriwal’s Arrest: Kumar Vishwas to Yogendra Yadav

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New Delhi: There have been many comments about Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s detention in a liquor scam. Notably, the INDIA alliance has accused the Modi government of using central inquiry agencies for political gain ahead of the Lok Sabha elections. Under Kejriwal’s direction, the AAP first gained notoriety for its anti-corruption stance and quickly won the support of Delhi voters in assembly elections. But internal strife cast doubt on the party’s integrity when important figures like Yogendra Yadav, Kumar Vishwas, and Prashant Bhushan left.

Following Kejriwal’s arrest, many watched to see how these erstwhile AAP heavyweights, who were formerly close to the Delhi chief minister, responded. Former AAP leaders Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan supported Kejriwal, while poet-turned-politician Kumar Vishwas responded in a mysterious way that suggested Karma.

What Kejriwal’s former coworkers had to say about his arrest

Vishwas Kumar

Poet-turned-politician Kumar Vishwas appeared to be addressing his former associate with a mysterious message he shared on social media on Thursday.
He shared a poem by Goswami Tulsidas in Hindi, writing, “Karma pradhan vishwa rachi rakha, Jo jas karahi, so tas phal chakha.” The poem addresses the idea of “karma,” which holds that one is responsible for the results of their deeds.

Yadav Yogendra

Kejriwal’s arrest, according to political activist and Swaraj India founder Yogendra Yadav, was “unjust.” In 2015, the AAP expelled Yadav.
“I’m in shock. What in the name of democracy is happening in this nation? Before the game, the appointment of new election commissioners, or ECs, alters the referee’s role. You are freezing the opponent’s financial accounts. You have issued notices in situations that date back 30 years. Conduct a thorough inquiry. In an interview with PTI, he stated, “If the court finds someone guilty, everyone should face consequences, including the prime minister.”

Yadav stated that “making arrests before an election by hook or by crook is like the murder of democracy.” . “The actions taken against Arvind Kejriwal are unfair.” People would undoubtedly teach them a lesson, he said.

Bhushan Prashant

Bhushan claimed that the Enforcement Directorate (ED) did not have “any documentary evidence” against the chief minister in relation to Kejriwal’s incarceration. ” It’s incredible that the ED has arrested a chief minister so close to the elections after the Model Code of Conduct went into effect, particularly since they don’t have concrete proof of his involvement in corruption. The only evidence they have is an approver’s statement from their time working for a corporation. Not naming names, Bhushan said, “It’s interesting that this corporation has given electoral bonds to the BJP party, which is in charge of the ED.

Mishra Kapil

Kapil Mishra, the vice president of the Delhi BJP and a former minister of tourism in the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) administration, praised Kejriwal’s arrest, calling it a “day of celebration” for the people of the nation’s capital.

Mishra said, glaring at the AAP, “Today is a happy day for the people of Delhi.” Today is dedicated to justice.” According to Mishra and PTI, it means liberation from the control of a “corrupt and dishonest” government.

Hazare Anna

Speaking to PTI in his Maharashtra hometown of Ralegan Siddhi, Hazare said he had warned Kejriwal against taking part in this kind of policymaking. Hazare emphasized that Kejriwal was responsible for his own arrest. “I informed him that it is not our duty to create excise regulations. A child is aware of the dangers of drinking. Hazare said, “I had advised him to avoid this matter, but he followed the policy.” The result of his conduct is his arrest. There would not have been a reason for his arrest if he had done nothing,” he continued.

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