Privacy or concern: techie got fired to announce layoffs on social media.

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Jishnu Mohan, Bengaluru based techie is now removed from the job the very next day due to breaking the confidentiality of his work life in meta life in disguised as a concern. As per the latest rumors of Cisco layoff along with many others, Mohan posted on his X about the layoff which is normal to worried about, but company claimed it to  just posting views on X, and Money Control.

Mohan, a programmer for HR firm Forma, running remotely from Kochi, Kerala, fell victim to a bigger corporation restructuring that caused his termination.

“The whole recession situation in tech making me unease. May be at the lowest confidence level in my career,” he had tweeted on February 7. Much less than 24 hours later, Mohan shared an update “That was quick. I got laid off today, as part of reorg. So actively looking for a job now. Please let me know if anyone is hiring,” he added. Soon, his viral tweet noticed comments segment flooded with guide and requests for his resume and results in available jobs. Some exchanged job opportunities, whilst others committed to sending Mohan’s resume to relevant humans. His tweet has already garnered nearly 1.5 lakh views on X.

Cuurent track:

More than 30,000 layoffs are already declared in 2024, and as per the latest research 33,000 are already are already done in the tech sector. Jishnu’s story is telling us how crucial it is to hold our spot in the era where tables can take turn at any point of times. Economic problems and enterprise changes can all at once affect people’s careers. In the name of saving expenses to guide the business enterprise in terms of increase, sacking hundreds of personnel in numerous roles as the corporation wants to improve its earnings margins is some thing taking a toll on people’s  thoughts.

Companies to participate:

The trend of cutting off employees especially the ones working on mid levels are quite becoming a trend in the name of reshuffling companies growth margin. With a population around 1.486 billion passing China in April 2023, job losses along with new upcoming generation every year is something to frown upon. Food delivery app Swiggy fired four hundred employees in January 2024, while e-commerce business enterprise Flipkart laid off a thousand personnel. In the ultimate week of December 2023, Paytm announced it is firing a thousand personnel across more than one departments as a cost cutting measure. Companies including Amazon, Alphabet and Microsoft, Riot Games, Google, Amazon Audible, Amazon Prime Video, Twitch, Discord, Unity Software, Xerox, and Frontdesk have also carried out layoffs in recent weeks.

– Subhangee Mandal

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