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3rd November 2023, Mumbai: Sowmya Devalapally, 37 year old, associate professor in sree chaitanya engineering college, khammam, Telangana, India.A girl from a small town is the queen of India now.She won the titles of mrs.telangana 2023,Mrs India 2023

She completed her Mtech in electrical engineering from jntu University,in the way of achieving mrs India Sowmya faced many things,some people were said already you are doing job,how is it possible to manage job,house, already you are mom,leave all this like many comments she faced.

But today her winning of Mrs India title is the answer to all.sowmya proved that only a lady is capable of performing multitasking with success rate.when somebody asked how you are managing all she answered that is women,by birth every woman is multi-talented,capable of doing multi tasks.but due to the lakh of support multiple talents are becoming hidden talents.

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By profession she is an associate professor, modelling is her passion.Sowmya said “I saw sushmitha sen in 1994,while she was receiving Miss universe title,at that time I was 8 years old,in my little mind that was fixed.i want to shine like sushmitha sen.

Generally childhood ideas are future goals na, before marriage I leave my dreams,after marriage my husband Ram , businesses man is giving support to fullfill all my dreams,along with my husband my babai(dad’s younger brother),Ramana reporter is supporting alot.

Sowmya ‘s main goal is women empowerment.she told that to achieve women empowerment becoming public figure is must,why because public figures are having more access while comparing with normal people.

Sowmya told that women empowerment is nothing but family empowerment, every individual family empowerment leads to country development.

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